There are a whole lot of brokers in the market and this even makes traders confused in making their choice when looking for a broker that would give them the ultimate trading experience. However, the good thing is that CTTIF stands out among the numerous brokers available and this is because they do everything possible to offer their clients the best trading conditions like tight spreads, liquidity, quality and fast execution and a world class customer service.

Whether you are a new trader, active trader, and other expert, CTTIF service is based on the following principles.

Safe Regulatory Environment
At CTTIF, we ensure we trade by the rules and as such we understand the importance of compliance with all the relievable laws, policies, rules, regulations and standards. Our commitment to having a strict control and management discipline of our compliance environment is never in question as part of the requirements is to meet audit requirements and capital adequacy.
Note that CTTIF will not under any condition use the clients’ funds for any purpose other than what it is intended for and that is to maintain margin needed to cover clients open positions. To ensure that this happens, client’s money is always held in segregated bank accounts.

Fast Execution, No Re-quote
At CTTIF, orders are executed immediately without having to pass through any form of third party. And this is to ensure that traders do not suffer manipulations and re-quotes. There is a well dedicated connection to all our liquidity providers to ensure that our clients get the best trade execution.
It is also important to note that our model ensures that we do not take positions that conflict with our client’s interest and what this means is that we fill our clients order from the best offer/bid prices that are made available to use from our liquidity providers.

Lowest Spreads
Our clients are expected to get very low spreads as low as 1,6 through our competitive multi bank bid/offer spreads and transparent executions. Note that we are constantly improving our relationship with our reliable liquidity providers and also investing in our technology platforms to ensure that our clients enjoy the best of trading conditions.

Minimum Deposit
The reality is that not every trader will have the appetite to take a huge risk in the forex market and this is well understood and CTTIF. Therefore, we offer trading accounts with as little as a $100 which we called Micro account. In most cases, undecided clients use this system to first test our trading conditions before investing huge sums.

Free Personalized Training
Every trader has their own unique attributes and this is well understood at CTTIF. To that effect, we match our training solutions according to the clients need. We provide special trainings on a one to one basis for our clients, seminars, and webinars when large numbers of clients are involved. All these are geared towards ensuring that our clients fully understand the market and take advantage of it to maximize their return on investment.

CTTIF will not deliberately disclose the private information of our clients except when requested by the client or when it is required by law. We maintain control and monitor clients information transfer whether internal or outside the company on a need to know basis.

Excellent Customer Service
Our customer service is unrivalled as we do everything possible to offer our clients the best customer support. Our team is multilingual and professional armed with the relevant knowledge and experience to deal with any issue. Because they understand what you want, you can always trade with confidence because we are always there to help out. In fact, our employees are the best with experience, professionalism and practical knowledge in the industry and this guarantees our clients will have a good trading experience with us.


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