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CTTIF is one of the world’s most valuable brokers aimed at providing clients all over the world with trading platform that enables them trade forex CFDs and commodities CFDs 24/5.

How to Start Trading

The whole process is easy as it sounds. First, you need to open up an online account which is similar to opening a bank account. Note that there are quite a number trading account in which CTTIF offers and they cater for your different needs. However, whichever the trading account you choose, they all give you a personal account manager, educational videos plus free economic calendars.

The truth is that most people dive into forex CFDs trading without actually knowing the rudiments of the trade. Not having enough knowledge before going into trading is a recipe for failure and disappointment because at some point the whole thing will become confusing. For example, if as a trader, you do not know how financial news affect your trading, then you are likely to make avoidable mistakes. Also, if you do not know the currency pairs to trade or how to use the software effectively, then there would be a problem. The best way people can get a full grasp of forex CFDs trading is by using a demo account to get the required experience. Fortunately, CTTIF offers clients demo account which they can use to practice.

CTTIF Demo Accounts

The essence of these accounts is to help traders get the rudiments of the trade without the risk of losing. CTTIF demo accounts come with a lot of advantages to traders as it can help them to learn everything about forex CFDs trading, how to use data and different tools to their advantage in the world of online trading. CTTIF offers different educational stuff and this is the perfect platform for beginners to understand how to manage their trade with a trade volume of 0.01

The purpose of CTTIF demo account is to ensure that users understands the basics of trading, how to use different sources of information and data for you to capitalize on when trading forex CFDs. It also helps them understand the use of various software, currency related charts and platform like MT5. At the end, when the user feels confident armed with substantial experience about trading and managing you’re their trade, he/she can now start using a real account with CTTIF.


Ensure you do not start trading without testing your trading skills as CTTIF Demo accounts today!

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