The reality is that most people do not really take reviews seriously and it is not just only in the forex world. Like other business setups, a broker will need the feedback of its clients to grow and improve on their services.

Yes, there may have been some fake reviews posted by people for their own ulterior motive but it does not really mean that all reviews are lies. Every forex broker website should have review section and this is why people exchange honest opinions of the broker. It is crucial for your forex journey as you look for a good forex broker.

One thing about most people in general which is also applicable to traders is that they are always searching for shortcuts in every aspect and in forex trading, going the short cut route could lead to some catastrophic results. Remember, small issues in forex trading can lead to devastating results and that is why everything is important. In this case, it is always to your advantage to see the opinion of others and the assessment of a third party before committing yourself to a broker.

However, note that reviews are not just one way and because it has both the negative and positive components, it also serves as a guide for the firm to make amends and come out better.

Therefore, a sincere firm need not fear a negative feedback as it will help them work on their weakness and find the necessary solutions. It is also part of the trader’s responsibility to share their findings and opinions with the firm they are working with in order to help them improve and serve them better.

One thing about reviews is that it also has a way of unlocking the hidden secrets of the firm. Remember that these brokers will only tell you the positive part, what they can offer their clients and what they are good at. It is difficult for them to say what they are lacking or their struggles. However, reviews unlock these secrets because they could show those small details that are lacking that may not have been exposed. Therefore by finding them out, you make have saved yourself from wasting your time dealing with something you had no idea about.

In reality, there is a whole lot of manipulations that happen at the review end of these websites and everyone needs to understand how to know what is real and fake. There can be manipulations in both the positive and negative comments and that is why you should not just rely on the reviews but dig a little deeper to find out what comments are true and fake. Some negative reviews may be a target of rivals to tarnish the firm’s image and deprive them of their customers for no reason or to divert their customers to their own firm. In the other way round, some positive reviews may just be sponsored by the firm to lure customers and may not even be true. Therefore, ever trader should always double check any information they see on the review section before taking it very serious.

Ensure that the review section is taken seriously as you make it to be a part of your research towards unveiling the real reputation of the firm. Apart from the personal experience of the trader, it is really difficult to know how the support works, the performance and the overall reputation of the firm.


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