04.01 article webWhen it comes to forex CFDs trading, there are many trading platforms that would allow you to trade with them but you have to create an account to start trading. However, it is important to note that there are different types of accounts.

13.01.2017 articleOne of the first things anyone who intends to trade in the forex CFDs market is to find a broker that is considered to be reputable. It is important to note that there are a whole lot of brokers

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CTTIF is one of the world’s most valuable brokers aimed at providing clients all over the world with trading platform that enables them trade forex CFDs and commodities CFDs 24/5.

68B781860963CB88731A1C4DDEC3D7969A2F943DDF453A75A3pimgpsh fullsize distrA contract for differences simply known as CFD is simply an arrangement made in a futures contract where a cash payment is required for settlement differences instead of the delivery of physical goods and securities.

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The history of trading gold is quite long and can be traced form the ancient times. Gold was first used as currency and has remained a status symbol where it indicates affluence and wealth in a lot of societies.

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